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    Our History
    Obtaining intellectual property rights such as patents for invention and utility model of patents in China.
    Successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise certification in China.
    Through factory audit with the T脺V Rheinland Group in China.
    Products are certified by CE (certificate number: NTC1606666E).
    Products are exported to European Union, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other countries.
    Participated in the China-Pakistan Summit (Lahore World Expo Center, Pakistan), formally entered the overseas market.
    Join in China Automation Instrument Association.
    Through ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification, Certificate No: 51816Q00533ROS
    Attending the 23 Instrument Exhibition MICONEX2012– Shanghai Expo exhibition hall (Expo Theme Pavilion)
    Expanding to 2500m new factory building, investing huge amounts of money in liquid flow detection device to enter the sewage metering industry.
    Start the school-enterprise cooperation mode, formally listing the College Students Employment Center to introduce automatic measurement and control technology talents.
    Invest in Gas Sonic Nozzle Detection Device and Series-Parallel Standard Meter Calibration Device.
    Investment: MENSOR Precision Pressure Controller, Keithley 2000 The Model 2000 6.5-Digit Multimeter
    Obtaining Permit for Manufacturing Measuring Instruments for Pressure Transmitters and Vortex Flowmeters in China.
    Establishment of Automatic Measurement Products Department and Energy Measurement Engineering Department.
    Build a factory in Guangzhou, introduce domestic top equipment, build product development platform and design process. Trademark registration SISEN.javascript:void(0);
    Our Factory
    SISEN is a low-keyed and steady-going dark horse in the field of industrial automation in China. And it is a national high-tech and capital-intensive enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of precision measuring instruments. Since its foundation, SISEN has been insisting on concept of “Focus on Measuring Every Ton of Steam”, which shows SISEN’s rigorous culture. SISEN, taking advanced manufacturing as a core and optimizing traditional programs, strives to become a leader in metrology, Explosion-proof industry, system integration of Internet of Things, and focus on R&D and manufacturing of measurement and control products for more than 10years.
    The success of any business is justified, and SISEN is no exception. With super executive power, SISEN has turned its ambitious goals into reality. Under the direct operation of the headquarters, all localities and departments work closely together to establish a sound enterprise management system in product development, quality management, brand positioning, direct marketing mode, team building, word-of-mouth publicity, innovative thinking, etc, making it to be platformized, standardized, and streamlined to create a comprehensive team with strong execution. These years, SISEN has grown up quietly with well-grounded power and has become a technology-intensive, capital-intensive and national high-tech enterprise with a strong manufacturing and R&D capability.
    In product research and development, SISEN continuously develops core products, attaches great importance to R&D of amplification circuit and explosion-proof products, and has developed products with core competitiveness, such as intelligent digital vortex flowmeter, intelligent pressure transmitter, intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, thermal gas mass flow meters, intelligent gas turbine flow meters, intelligent radar level gauges. We insist on cost-effective direct sales to ensure that we have “all products, all patents”and master the absolute right to speak. All of these things will make SISEN to be in the best position in the fierce market competition.
    SISEN, focusing on research and development for more than 10 years, and complying with the rule of smile curve, makes a constantly rising strength and influence of the company and the brand. SISEN has a global business, so we are constantly looking for ways to communicate with companies around the world. By outsourcing some difficult digital processing solutions and ideas, we can provide efficient solutions directly from top overseas solution providers, which makes SISEN’s full range of products meets the international standard.
    In terms of production equipment, SISEN not only has “high-precision sonic nozzle measuring device with negative pressure method”and “gas measuring device with standard meter method”, which can accurately measure most gas meter, but also has independent “liquid metering device with weighing method, which cooperates with the Toledo Group to accurately measure the liquid by density conversion. What’s more,”Advanced Pressure Transmitter Production Line and Precision Inspection”has cooperated with the German WIKA-MENSOR Group to plan an annual output of 500,000 silicon piezoresistive and non-metallic piezoresistive sensors for automobiles, air-conditioning, air compressor equipment manufacturing products, as well as high-precision industrial process control pressure and differential pressure products with a numerical error within 卤0.05%. SISEN is one of the self-constructed enterprises in Southern China, which has EMC full set of electromagnetic compatibility test equipment that meets standard of IEC61000 GB17626, including “electrostatic discharge disturbance test device”,”surge shock disturbance test device”, and “electric fast transient pulse group interference immunity test device”. The complete experimental equipment gives us a strong guarantee of the high accuracy and good stability of all kinds of measuring instruments. Even in the face of complicated user sites, we still have enough endurance, ability, discrimination power and solutions to find new directions in market research and development.
    In the course of more than 10 years of development, SISEN has won great respect and good reputation from countless customers, but has not forgotten the rigor of the initial heart, always taking technology research and development and automated instrument manufacturing as its core competitiveness. At present, we are proposing cloud database management and Collaborative Manufacturing Management of “data driving operation”for the production workshop. Therefore, the MES manufacturing enterprise process execution management system will be connected, and the production information management of the shop floor will be improved to achieve efficient production and costs control. Accordingly, the cloud data monitoring platform and the intelligent manufacturing mode of “data driving operation”, which help SISEN’s products to conect with the Internet of Things, satisfying the urgent needs of large orders, shortening the supply cycle and improving the cost performance.
    Our Product
    FLVJ Series Vortex flowmeter
    BST6600 Series diffusion silicon pressure transmitter
    BST6800 Series Capacitive type pressure transmitter
    BST9900 Series Monocrystalline silicon pressure transmitter
    FLDC Series Electromagnetic flowmeter
    AD110 Series Radar level meter
    FLRS Series Thermal gas mass flowmeter
    AD3800 Series Ultrasonic level meter
    FLYW Series Liquid turbine flowmeter
    Product Application
    Widely used in chemical industry, oil and gas industry, power plants food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, steel and metallurgy industry, paper industry, water indstry, automotive industry and other related industries.
    Our Certificate
    Quality management system: ISO9001
    Explosion-proof certification: Ex d IIC T6 Gb
    CE certificate: NTC1606666E
    Production Equipment
    Parallel Gas Flow Device
    Gas Sonic Nozzle Detection Device
    Calibration Device for Liquid Flow Measurement
    Verification equipment of pressure transmitter
    Keithley 2000 The Model 2000 6.5-Digit Multimeter
    Automatic Vacuum Extraction Device
    High and Low Temperature Aging Test Equipment
    Automatic High and Low Temperature Calibration System for Pressure Testing
    MOPA Holographic Automatic Laser Code Recognizer
    Automatic Data Acquisition Intelligent Data Transmission System
    MENSOR Precision Pressure Controller
    Automatic Vertical Multi-Joint Robot
    Production Market
    European Union (UK, Ireland), Russia, Southeast Asia ( Tailand, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam…), South America ( Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, Chile…), South Africa, The Middle East ( Pakistan), India, etc..
    Our service
    Pre-sale: No worry about the products鈥檚election, engineers provide professional advice after understanding customer needs, and select suitable products for customers.
    Sales: Professional equipment, high quality products for customers, on time delivery
    After-sales: product quality assurance, engineers online guidance installation, follow-up to solve various on-site problems.Customized Split Type Electromagnetic Flowmeter